Professor Jason Pomeroy accepted an invitation of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic Štefan Holý to come to Slovakia on May 3 – 6, 2022. During his short visit to Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, he attended several meetings and gave lectures to broad audience.

On the 4th of May, he met with the mayor of Bratislava Matúš Vallo with whom he engaged in discussion about sustainability and urbanism in Bratislava. They discussed the topics of Bratislava as a smart city, digitalisation, sustainable urbanism, Bratislava as an innovation hub.  

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Professor Pomeroy emphasised the future potential of Bratislava. To get to know more about Professor Pomeroy´s views on sustainable cities, watch his conversation with Pavol Demeš on TASR TV, current affairs TV series Svet“. 

In the morning on the 5th of May, Professor Pomeroy attended the conference SME Reality Summit 2022, where he gave his keynote lecture on „Process before Product: Addressing our urban challenges of tomorrow through smart and sustainable practice“. Early afternoon was dedicated to the Academia, after meeting with Dean Pavel Gregor and Vice-dean Peter Morgenstein from the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, he gave a lecture to students of the Faculty of Architecture and Design. You can watch Professor Pomeroy´s lecture that he gave to students through the following link.

During his visit to Slovakia, Professor Pomeroy engaged in multiple discussions and meetings with representatives of the Deputy Prime Minister Office of the Slovak Republic. It was at the Deputy Prime Minister Office premises, where he gave his lecture to the experts from the state, public and private sector: municipality representatives, employers´ representatives, architects, urban planners, construction engineers.  

On the last day of his visit, Professor Pomeroy accepted an invitation of general manager of TASR. One of the key messages he delivered during his TV interview was that the key to sustainable growth and development of the cities lies in the collaboration of civil society, Academia, corporations and government. You can watch Professor Pomeroy´s discussion on TASR through the following link.

Jason Pomeroy is an award-winning architect, academic, author and TV presenter, regarded as one of the World’s thought leaders in sustainable design. He is the Founder of sustainable urbanism, architecture, design and research firm, Pomeroy Studio, and sustainable education provider, Pomeroy Academy, based in Singapore. His career has spanned Europe, The Middle East and Asia and includes a number of notable projects, including the first carbon negative house and zero carbon community in Asia, and Indonesia’s ‘Silicon Valley’.

The Deputy Prime Minister Office of the Slovak Republic truly expresses its gratitude to Professor Jason Pomeroy for accepting the invitation and taking out his precious time to come to Bratislava to share his experience, knowledge and expertise with us. Thank you for your visit. 

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